How to Support WeTh3eeGirls

When we talk about being a family business- we are all of that and then some. This business adventure started when it was just a momma wanting to spend time with her daughters. We do this business as a family. The girls are very much hands on when it comes to our business. They help come up with some of the designs for our items, they help make the items in our studio, they help label and package orders etc. Sometimes the dreams and such get the best of us and we want to keep doing more and more to offer everything to our customers and I as the momma have to say not right now, etc. We started an Amazon wish list so we can add our wishes and dreams to it. If you would like to support us on our journey, feel free to check out our wish list of supplies that we use or need, as well as supplies to make future products.
You can also help buy us candy to keep us going here:
As always we are so very thankful for all of our customers. We wouldn't be WeTh3eeGirls with out you all and your support. Thank you for allowing us to bless you with our products and allowing us the time to be together and spend quality time doing something we love. 
Courtney, Emma and Hadley.