About Us

From the outside looking in, we may look like just another ordinary graphic t-shirt company. There are plenty of those types of companies out there. Not us. We are a different breed.  We are a true family business. We started out with just being a mom and her two girls to use crafting to spend time together. It allowed us to put down our devices, talk, and let our creative energy flow. We have now included other members to help with all aspects of the business from designs, to even printing off shipping labels. Who knew that this small little company that I started out at my kitchen table would blossom into the Market-Leader that it has become today.

We have a passion for great tees, mugs and quality gifts and we want to share that passion with the world! So we've created a site where you can buy awesome shirts, custom designed by us and other gifted artists from all over the country. Together, the WeTh3eeGirls team has helped our community with over 5,000 shirt sales... and counting!

Shopping for yourself and your loved ones should make you smile, so go smile today!